[Interview 1/2] HTEIN LIN—Freedom Gained in a 9-square foot cell

2017/09/29 17:30

HTEIN LIN—Freedom Gained in a 9-square foot cell

The second section, "Passion and Revolution," of the "SUNSHOWER" exhibition at the National Art Center, Tokyo, reminds us of the importance of national independence, democracy, and fundamental human rights; something that, for many Southeast Asians, was achieved in the not so distant past after World War II.

It was only about twenty years ago that Htein Lin, whose artworks are exhibited in the middle of the section, was arrested and imprisoned as a political prisoner. Despite being robbed of his freedom for seven years, the artist tells us how, ironically, he was "more free" inside the walls of prison and his 9 square feet cell.

Interview: Kida Sayuri (Associate Curator, The National Art Center, Tokyo)

Postscript (Jan. 26. 2018): Our page has moved.
We have consolidated both Parts 1 and 2 of this interview as "HTEIN LIN——Freedom Gained in a 9-square foot cell" and republished it on the Japan Foundation Asia Center's official website.